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Is it that hard to figure out where you belong?Where you fit in this massive puzzle called Life.Me?I fit no where.Neither do you if you're reading this.I'm what you like to call a floater .I'm that one puzzle piece that got lost after one too many attempts to be put in its place.I mean hey i'm not complaining I enjoy being seen and not heard.It's a very comfortable life style .Think about one day you're hanging with the whack attack.Then, it's with the preppy people,then it's with top knotchers.I mean I don't classify myself as a top knotch glamour chick and I know that my name isn't in the book of Whack Attacks.And if you know me you already know that i'm far from anyone/thing preppy. Sometimes I look at my friends and I think about how they've been where they are since i've met them.They seem content with it but I don't know.I don't feel like this teenage period is for me.I'm beyond the cliques and cliches' .But is it that hard to find a group of friends that think/feel the same .Don't get me wrong the friends i've made are amazing well most of them but I just feel like there's more .Well bye for now.


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