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So I'm in the car and my moms going on one of her bitchy rampages about how I isolate myself in my room.She thinks I need to spend more time with this chaotic family.(Mind you that all this is going on in the car so any chance of me pretending I didn't hear her went out the window).She said that we don't talk like we used to,and then some other shit.So finally I just told her "Why don't you leave me alone and go find some friends".She shut up for like two seconds and started talking about having friends.So I told her "Then why don't you make plans with them instead of forcing your fifteen year old daughter to hang out with you."

You know I should have apologized but I didn't because I don't find the need.So I guess her punishment was dragging me to Busch Gardens with her tomorrow.I don't want to go though.Busch Gardens is so fucking boring.Thanks Mom.You put a smile on my face.


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