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You know what pisses me off? Control freaks.Ugh they drive me nuts,insane,Deranged .I mean they act like they know everything that's everything,and anything that's anything.Assertiveness is the way to go right?The problem is that's something I lack .I'm sure Everyone has seen the episode of Spongebob when he gets "assertive" at least once.I've seen it and although it was very amusing it isn't as easy as it seems .Me? I tend to keep everything in .If somethings wrong you won't find it out from me.Why? I don't know I just don't like talking for myself most of the time.My mom calls it being anti-social.I just call it being quiet.I think sometimes that maybe I need to speak up .But I don't think there's any point because most of the time it makes you look stupid or illiterate.Bye for now there's another pointless blog for you.


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