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Boyfriends are great right.? Even guys that are just friends are good right.?Well, what about spending time with them.That's cool.Movies.Mall.Beach.Yeah.So does this mean you have a life.Does a guy give you a life?Wanna find out here's what you do.Write a list of everything you do with your friends(boyfriends included).Now when you're finished count what you have on the list.Then,cross off everything you do with your significant other.How many things are left on your list.Which one outweighs which. If your "Sweetheart" does then we have a problem.Congratulation!!! you are an official Friend Deserter.Hooray!!! for you.Nope not so Hooray.Think about it how would you feel if your friend kept ditching you.Hmm. Breaking plans because "Bobby" decided some spur of the moment crap.It's one thing to have your space it's another to block your space.I'm not saying you should keep the Companionship having to minimum but have time for your girls because no matter what the boyfriend says(babe I want to be with you forever)*I detect some bullshit*your girlfriends will always be there even when he drops you for somebody prettier. :)


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